Find below the menus we offer to carry out during private lessons. As the recipies are written in either French or English, the workshop can be given in the language you prefer.

The selected menu can be performed for the whole group. For vegetarian participants the dishes will be adjusted accordingly.

The minimum number of participants is 8 people, maximum 40 participants.

From 14 people, extras services are incurred. The detailed cost is in “other services”.


Menu Main dishes

All workshops include the realization of a starter, a main course and a dessert.
You can choose from the following proposals the main course you want to achieve.
Then select the entry and dessert, clicking the right arrow. The eventual supplement is indicated below proposals.
Chawarma breast chicken
Frs 99.-
Beef Entrecote
Frs. 109.-
Cod cooked in banana leaf
Frs. 109.-
Vanilla sauce duck
Frs 119.-
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Menu Starter

You can choose from the following proposals the starter you want to achieve.
The eventual supplement is indicated under the proposal.
Ramen Soup
Veggie “Garden”
Prawns risotto

+ Frs. 15.-
Artichoke Cream and perfect egg

+Frs 10.-
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Menu Desserts

Choose finally the dessert you want to cook.
Gluten-free desserts or lactose free are also available.
Chocolate fondant and seasonal fruit
The Tiramisù
Banana Dacquoise
Choco & Passion biscuit
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Team building – Cooking Challenge

Team building – Cooking Challenge


Like culinary TV shows, we offer a culinary event to reveal the individual talents and team spirit of your employees.

Participants will have a choice of ingredients and will imagine and make a menu of 2 courses (starter and main dish). The dessert is prepared by us.

- 1 team creates the starter.

- 1 team creates the main course.

You can choose between chicken fillet, salmon of beef steak for the whole group.

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Team building “Speed Cooking”

 Renforcez la cohésion de vos collaborateurs autour d’un concept original !

Vos collaborateurs devront travailler en brigade afin de réaliser un menu complet (entrée, plat et dessert) pour l’ensembles des participants en 45 minutes avant de déguster vos plats tous ensemble sur place.

Vous aurez le choix entre

Saladine de rougets marinés aux betteraves / Ramen végétariens


Croustillant de saumon sauce wasabi / Cordon bleu de l’Atelier


Moelleux chocolat / Tartelettes aux agrumes 


 Offre seulement pour les groupes de 20 personnes ou plus

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Please find below the list of beverages. Fruit juices and water are included in the price of the cooking classes. 

White wines

Les 2 vins blancs du moment :

Humagne blanche, Domaine des Muses

Frs. 38.-


Villette, Blaise Duboux

Frs. 41.-
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Red wines


Incentive – Team building

In combination with a cooking class, we also offer you the possibility to rent our cellar for a business meeting, seminar or conference.

With an area of ​​70 m², it has 4 tables of 10 people. We have a beamer, sound system, flipchart and internet networking.

Room rental: CHF 250. - Per half day.

This room is not rented for private parties without cooking classes.

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Extra service

In order to organize the evening properly, we hire extra service personnel and additional cooking staff according to the size of the groups.

We apply the following rates:

For more than 14 people, an extra service costs the package price of CHF 200 .-

For more than 20 people, two extras services cost the package price of CHF 400 .-


These extras are not optional.


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